Fire Shutters or Fire Resistant Roller Shutters - Commercial Fire rated Roller doorsFire Shutters

Firescreen provide a commercial grade roller shutter to FRL -/240/ 10, higher insulation values are achieved by using sprinklers and/or drenches.

Fire Rated Steel Roller Shutters are designed to have a 4 hour “Fire Resistant Level” (FRL) rating (240 minutes fire rating).

Standard fire resistant shutters up to the size of 2200mm high x 2400mm wide will be factory certified as manufactured (and installed if applicable)  in accordance with the relevant Australian Standard  AS 1905.2  – 2005.

Download our Tech data sheet – S100  on Commercial Fire Roller Door Design.

In most applications the Maximum shutter size is 36 – 40 m²

Fire Roller Door

Please Note: These Fire Shutters are designed for use in walls and other elements of building construction are required to help provide fire resistance. In all cases Reference should be made to the requirements of Building Code of Australia and materials used should be tested to AS1530. All our Fire Shutters of this design should be installed in conjunction with the requirements of AS1905.2 and Exova Letter of Opinion Report #27544-07.

Fire Shutters

Our 4 Hour rated Fire Shutter is ideal for any applications where there is a higher risk of fire or where surrounding  open areas can funnel a fire out of control. In all cases  a Fire Shutter is designed to close automatically when activated in order to prevent the spread of fire into the adjacent area, this automatic control can be by fusable link or connection to fire alarms or smoke detectors. These style of doors are commonly used in shopping malls, building fire curtain dividers, even large supermarket entries, office buildings, warehouses and in flammable product storage buildings. These are highly recommended where-ever flammable materials such as plastic, solvents, glues are stored or in use.

These can be used as window fire shutters or Bush fire shutters, however there are differences and it is best to give us a call to work out the best product for your situation.

Please contact us to discuss your application of a fire shutter or fire roller door.