The benefits of fire shutters are numerous, but its major and most notable benefit being that they increase the level of protection of any home or any business place against fire accidents. If you are someone who are considering having some fire shutters in his own place, but are not sure on these things work, even more, their benefits, you’ve come to the right place.

How Fire Shutters Work

Fire shutters are vertical fire barriers that separate and protect escape routes, helping to stop the spread of fire through a house or a building. They are typically installed over doors, windows, and walls, concealed in a compact overhead housing that is virtually invisible when in the retracted position. In most situations, the fire shutters are recommended to be linked with the home or the building’s integrated fire and alarm system.

Traditionally, fire shutters can only be installed during the construction of a new house or building. But most modern fire shutter designs nowadays can be installed both to a new and existing structures. Meaning, you can install some into your own home, whether it’s under construction or is already existing.

The Benefits of Fire Shutters

Increase the level of protection.
With fire accidents can completely destroy the entire contents of any home or any place of business in a matter of minutes and of course can lead to fatalities, the need to have fire protection precautions such as fire shutters is as important as having security precautions. Fire shutters can help provide accessible fire protection, protecting property and lives.

Fire shutters can be deployed quickly when there’s a threat of fire in the area. During any fire, the shutters can offer up to four hours protection; this is twice longer than the duration fire curtains can offer. And if installed together with other preventing and controlling fire systems, the better and the functional the protection they can provide. This will allow any people the better opportunity to safely evacuate before the overwhelming smoke or fire get them.

Discreet Choice of Fire Protection

Fire shutters can be installed almost invisibly and can easily be rolled up and down when required, giving you peace of mind knowing that a protection when a blaze breaks out is within your reach, without worrying people with an industrial-looking safety equipment.

Automatic Activation: Fire shutters are the kind of fire precaution system which activate and descend automatically and serve as protective barriers upon receiving the signal from a smoke or fire detector. Should there be a loss of power during a fire, they can also be pulled down manually, by a force of object or people.

Enhance aesthetics of the area: With fire shutters, you do not have to worry about them affecting the appearance of your place, because they come in a range of innovative and streamlined designs, made to fit effortlessly into your premises. You can even have fire shutters powder-coated in a colour of your choice to enhance the look of your place.

It is important though that you make sure you don’t sacrifice the quality of the shutters for beauty. Make sure you choose shutters that were manufactured strictly in accordance with Australian Standard.
Fire prevention consultants can help you make sure that you achieve both quality and beauty: They can assist in determining the best option for your kind of place, the best possible positioning for the most effective use of fire shutters, yet discreet installation.